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Awakening from hibernation

Many animals awaken from hibernation in March and so as we start April many of the animals are out and about. Newts, which have hibernated away from the ponds and ditches, will now be active. They will slowly make their way back to water, but its slow progress. On land newts look like lizards, but their movements are [...]

Pond bursts into life

You may have noticed through our pond cam that there are lots of tiny creatures swimming about. Most of these are tiny freshwater crustaceans called daphnia and cyclops. These tiny creatures are very important as they are food for many of the fish, newts and other animals that live in pond. As the pond water [...]

All 4 cameras up and running

Thanks to the efforts of Tim Hall and Paul Webster all four cameras are now up and running.  Bird cam has now become Winterbourne cam and Pond cam is showing the bottom of the pond as opposed to the surface last year.  Ditch cam is now looking south along one of the ditches and [...]

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Camera positions are being updated

We are now in the process of changing the cameras for the Spring season and hope you will enjoy the images in due course. This is likely to take a few days and we may be able to re-instate the bird feeder cam with a cheaper one but for the moment our priority is to [...]

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Moorhen courtship

We have been seeing some exciting behaviour through ditch cam the last few days. The moorhen that live in the ditches are preparing to nest. Before this happens the males tend to squabble and chase each other around in the hope of impressing the females. You can see this in the school video library clips [...]

Winter Becomes Spring – Plants Life

Even thought we have had very few days of ice and snow, many of the plants have still prepared them selves for winter. To survive the harsh conditions of winter, many of the plants on the nature reserve have died back to the ground or shed all their leaves and become dormant (resting). People are [...]

Birds on the feeder

You may have noticed that we have been having a lot of activity on the bird feeder. To help you identify the birds you are seeing there is a picture below of the 4 main types of bird coming to the bird feeder, great tit, blue tit, house sparrow and great spotted woodpecker. You can [...]

Changing water levels

Water levels in the freshwater habitats on the reserve continue to change due to natural flooding which causes water levels to rise and fall. This is part of the natural life of the wildlife of the reserve but for us its a constant frustration as we endeavour to keep the live cameras operating. So while pond [...]

Pond Cam

We have been seeing lots of activity though pond cam this past week. Many pond creatures are still in the pond but remain dormant in the cold winter months. However this year the winter has been relatively mild so far. We have also had a lot of natural flooding which has also included the woodland pond. [...]

Surprise view of palmate newts

The underwater webcam on the Leighside pond has shown that newts are already in the pond. Newts usually return to the pond in the spring. They hibernate away from the ponds and ditches in the winter but they are active already. Why do you think this might be? Firstly we have had a mild winter so far. [...]