The Coastal Communities 2150 programme, run by the Environment Agency and funded by the European Union, created a computer-generated 3D fly-through of the lower Ouse valley in East Sussex between Seaford and Lewes.

This interactive tool allows pupils to explore the potential impacts of future sea level rises on roads, property and infrastructure. Pupils can also ‘fly’ the tool to explore different places in the valley. The lesson plans were based around the use of this tool.

Our experience is that teachers will definitely need to plan for this with their IT staff well in advance of its use so that you are not blocked by a firewall. Please note, you will need to use either Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox to view the fly-through. - is a web version of the lower Ouse (it requires a free download of Adobe’s Unity Player to run and performance is at the mercy of the machine and web connection being used).

We strongly recommend that you view the short video about the visualisation which is shown here:


The Railway Land Wildlife Trust video clip is from a helicopter flown on 12th June 2006.