024 - CopyGreat view of the Kingfisher early Tuesday morning. It was accidentally disturbed by some dog walkers and the kingfisher flew up onto a branch overhanging the Winterbourne Stream.

It then flew down into vegetation out of site. A couple of minutes later it flew fast and low above the water back up the Winterbourne Stream - but unfortunately all I managed to photograph was this flash of blue and orange.

I had a look on the recorded cam stream to see if we managed to capure a view - but sadly no luck, it expertly managed to avoid showing up on the camera at all.

However I did check the recorded stream to see if it turned up earlier and yes, a quick glimpse of the kingfisher flying up to the post and then flying off. Not spectacular view through the cams - but proof that the kingfisher has at least settled on the post (put there to encourage the kingfisher to use as a diving/feeding post) until now, we have not even been able to show if it settles on the post. We will definitely be keeping a closer eye on this.