ditch2016We have been seeing some exciting behaviour through ditch cam the last few days. The moorhen that live in the ditches are preparing to nest. Before this happens the males tend to squabble and chase each other around in the hope of impressing the females.

You can see this in the school video library clips we have made from the live webcams here is a sample - make sure you watch the clip to the end. https://vimeo.com/album/3357752/video/158836398

You can also see a great clips of a heron and also palmate newts in the school video library

Last year we followed the life of a moorhen family as we watched the chicks grow from tiny balls of feathers to eventually be as big as the parents. We are hoping we will be able to follow another moorhen family this year.

Because of the high water levels in the ditch at the moment the camera is further away from the action. As soon as the water level drops we will move the camera to the location we used last year so we will be closer to the action.

While you are enjoying your Easter eggs in the school holidays - don't forget you can visit the Railway land Live website from home and see what's happening through the webcams.