blackbird puddleThe heavy rain yesterday evening and duri9ng the night left a few muddy puddles around the reserve. To us it was an inconvenience, wet feet if we did not have boots on. With the school that visited today we had to keep taking our footwear off before we went into the Linklater Pavilion because we did not want to tread mud onto the carpet.

However animals looked at the puddle in a different way. Several birds came to the puddle to drink. This male blackbird found that the puddle was a great source of earthworms, at least one of these worms had drowned because of the puddle.

By the end of the day the puddle had dried up, but the birds made good use of the puddle while it was there.

Take a look at the video below which I took this morning and look out for the tasty worm the blackbird catches at the end.