Pupil Presentations 2015

/Pupil Presentations 2015

Amazing Water Stick Insect

As promised in my last post, ‘Wildlife Afternoon on the Reserve’ this post focuses on the amazing water stick insect that we found last Sunday. The Water Stick Insect looks remarkably like its terrestrial namesake but they are not closely related. In fact that are closely related to another fascinating pond inhabitant the water scorpion. [...]

A temporary puddle

The heavy rain yesterday evening and duri9ng the night left a few muddy puddles around the reserve. To us it was an inconvenience, wet feet if we did not have boots on. With the school that visited today we had to keep taking our footwear off before we went into the Linklater Pavilion because we [...]

Rodmell Madagascar special

This is a special broadcast involving Rodmell school whose pupils knew of the work of he late Dr Alison Jolly - a great supporter of the Railway Land Project.  The Railway Land Wildlife Trust is supporting an education project in Madagascar started by Alison Jolly who also wrote books about the lemurs of Madagascar for [...]

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