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With a background in TV, teaching, academia (University of Sussex) and teacher training followed by the vision to create a community centre to promote the study of environmental change in Lewes, Dr John Parry has developed innovative approaches to engaging many different ages and groups at the Lewes Railway Land Local Nature Reserve for over 25 years. He has had direct experience of environmental education policy making and has engaged students over many years with his mix of theoretical background, conceptual reach and practical experience on the ground. As Director of the Railway Land Project he masterminded the development of the Linklater Pavilion - a purpose built, award-winning, hexagonal building that now serves as an environmental community hub from which the latest Railway Land Live! project will be run.

Materials resulting from Stage 3 (2017 – 2019)

East Longmeadow This below was the challenge set by the 2nd group of RATS of Brandon Thomas, Christopher Whitehead, Bayon Langley, Emma Stone, Conrad Wormald, Joseph Ayers, Patrick Jackman and Ben Green. 'Research how can we help make the teenage community more aware of what they could do in the event of a flood and to take [...]

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Materials resulting from Stage 2 (2015 – 2017) These are the Powerpoints that we have created to recruit new members and to pass on what we have learned about flood defences in Lewes. This completes the second stage of a 150 year student to student project. The logo story RATS Bund project 2017

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New camera on sedum roof

buy provigil cheap online Thanks to great work from Tim and Paul, we now have a camera on the sedum roof of the Linklater which we hope might reveal life above our heads we fail to see!  All other cameras are working and we shall continue to be streaming live from all 4 until April 2017. We hope you [...]

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Punnetts Town

buy Lyrica tablets Punnetts Town presentation on life in a woodland pond - 14th June 2016.

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Doing our best with the cameras but we have problems

We are so very sorry that two of our cameras have been down at times or shown poor visibility but we have found this year’s clarity of the water to be quite different which underlines the dynamic nature of these habitats.  We have also had sealant problems with one of the camera cases and are [...]

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Firle 2016

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Western Road 2016

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Priory 2016


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Heart of Reeds camera and a note about Azolla

Despite Paul's best efforts, the Heart of reeds camera's housing has sprung a bad leak and so is needing to be stripped down completely and then re-sited.  It just emphasises what a great job Paul Webster has been doing over the last 16 months of the project and knowing Paul, iI am sure he will [...]

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Heart of Reeds camera off for maintenance

Heart of Reeds camera will be off line for a day or so but we hope to get in back on Sunday.

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