We are so very sorry that two of our cameras have been down at times or shown poor visibility but we have found this year’s clarity of the water to be quite different which underlines the dynamic nature of these habitats.  We have also had sealant problems with one of the camera cases and are working flat out to try and resolve it.  The trouble is that testing it takes time and  a new leak has appeared one after the other.  This has been very frustrating.

The azolla fern has also been a problem on ditch cam and we have been told that this was due to the mild winter and although we have ordered a weevil to eat the fern, the demand across the country is so great that there is a long waiting list.

Sadly, some issues have been out of control and we do apologise.  We are doing everything we can to get Heart of Reeds cam back working as soon as possible.  If we hit another leak, we will place the camera above water to try and capture some bird life but our main brief is life under water that makes the project so different and cutting edge - for which there is often a price to pay!