Materials resulting from Stage 3 (2017 – 2019)

This below was the challenge set by the 2nd group of RATS of Brandon Thomas, Christopher Whitehead, Bayon Langley, Emma Stone, Conrad Wormald, Joseph Ayers, Patrick Jackman and Ben Green. 'Research how can we help make the teenage community more aware of what they could do in the event of a flood and to take [...]

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Pells 2016

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Western Road 2016

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Priory 2016


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Punnetts Town April 2016

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Camera positions are being updated

We are now in the process of changing the cameras for the Spring season and hope you will enjoy the images in due course. This is likely to take a few days and we may be able to re-instate the bird feeder cam with a cheaper one but for the moment our priority is to [...]

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Surprise view of palmate newts

The underwater webcam on the Leighside pond has shown that newts are already in the pond. Newts usually return to the pond in the spring. They hibernate away from the ponds and ditches in the winter but they are active already. Why do you think this might be? Firstly we have had a mild winter so far. [...]

Great spotted woodpecker

One of my favourite visitors to the bird feeder is the great spotted woodpecker. In the woodland, views are restricted to a quick flash of black and white as it flies past, or the distant drumming. Small air pockets in the skull help cushion the impact as the woodpecker strikes the tree with its beak [...]