KingfisherThe kingfisher is a popular bird but sadly they are too quick for our webcams to pick them up. The best place to see a kingfisher on the reserve is along the winterbourne stream, its over-hanging foliage and (in the summer) a quiet, gentle stream, provide ideal conditions.  Fishing posts have been added along the banks in the home of encouraging a kingfisher to linger and provide us a better view at the same time.

I often catch a glimpse of a kingfisher while walking along the winterbourne, as it shoots past a flash of blue. Kingfisher fly fast and low above the water while hunting for fish and occasionally one may hover before diving on its intended prey.

Mainly small freshwater fish but they will also take small amphibians too if the opportunity arises. The best views are when the kingfisher is flying away from you, such as a few days ago when taking a group of people on a guided walk around the reserve.


Kingfishers make their nest in a tunnel in the river bank and so far this has not occurred on the reserve.

In the winter the stream is much faster flowing however in winter, some individuals move down to estuaries or the coast.