batWorking late and treated to an amazing view of bats feeding over the winterbourne stream just after midnight through the winterbourne stream cam. The bats fly back and forth, twisting and turning coming in and out of view.

There are many night flying insects over water and the stream providing a useful flightpath and a great source of food for the bats. In fact part of the winterbourne has been cleared of overhanging branches to encourage the bats.

The bats are seen in the ambient light (not infra-red) and so they are not sharp focus but well worth a look for bat enthusiasts or insomniacs.

Very blurred screen grab (left) but much better view from the live webcams.

I noticed them just after midnight last night but checked back through the footage and they were there at 11.00pm as well.

Bats use echolocation to find their insect prey and also avoid flying into objects.

If the bats are flying tonight will depend on the weather.