great titBlue tit and the larger great tit are frequent visitors to the bird feeder. Observe a bird feeder for any length of time you will notice that there is a distinct pecking order. Especially between species.

Blue tit will often be chased off by a great tit and a great tit will give way to an arriving woodpecker.

There is also a distinctive pecking 0rder between birds of the same species, the brightness of a great tits yellow chest and the width of its black belly stripe indicate its worth as a strong mate which puts it higher up the pecking order.

Squabbles can off often break out at the bird feeder although this is mainly bluff and no serious fights occur.

In this clip from the live webcam you can see the pecking order between these two great tits

In this clip you can see a great tit behaving aggressively towards a blue tit, who looks very unimpressed with the great tits display. The great tits attempt to chase off the blue tit is all show and the blue tit has called the great tits bluff.

Keep checking in on our live webcams and see live streaming from the bird feeder and also our surface camera at the woodland pond and the ditch.