We have been seeing a lot of adult dragonflies and damselflies on the reserve - especially around the pond and I have seen occasional sightings through the ditch cam.

which is which

Damselflies and dragonflies belong to the same group of insects and share the same general features. There are several things you can look for to help you identify damselflies and dragonflies.

1. The body of a dragonfly is quite chunky while a damselfly has a more slender body.

2. When resting, dragonfly’s wings are open and horizontal. A damselfly’s wings are closed together along its back.

3. Both dragonflies and damselflies have four wings. But in dragonflies the front and back wings are a different shape. The both pairs of wings are the same shape for a damselfly.

4. The eyes of a dragonfly are usually large and almost touching. The eyes of a damselfly are smaller and on each side of the head.

5. Dragonflies are strong flyers while damselflies tend to be more fluttery.

So am I a dragonfly or a damselfly

l.4 emrging

Dragonflies and damselflies emerge from the skin of the nymph

Join in this discussion and let us know if you have seen dragonflies or damselflies around your school pond