As discussed in previous posts, winter flooding is a natural part of the ecosystem on the nature reserve. But I had always thought of the reserve flooding in the winter and water levels returning to normal in spring and summer.

One thing that the cameras have allowed us to observe this year is just how much the water level changes. We have seen it rise and fall and how quickly this can happen.

The picture below show 4 views through the pond cam.

22 feb water change

Image 1 (top left) 11.00am, the water level is well below the camera

Image 2 (top right) 12.00pm the water level is over 1/3 of the way up the camera

Image 3 (bottom left) 1.00pm the camera is now almost completely submerged

Image 4 (bottom right) 2.00pm the camera is completely submerged again.

The pond level is falling again today, just as quickly as it rose on 22nd February.