seabassWe can now confirm the identity of a fish we saw through the Heart of Reeds webcam as being a juvenile sea bass. This fish probably entered the reed bed when the winterbourne stream flooded into the reed bed. The sea bass would have entered the winterbourne stream from the nearby River Ouse, which is still very tidal at Lewes. It was likely a small fry at the time it entered Heart of Reeds.

I was 99% sure of the identification, but as they Heart of Reeds is a very unusual place to find a sea bass, I was keen to get a second opinion. You can see the sea bass in our vimeo video library surprise fish

We have also observed another marine fish in the heart of reeds, juvenile grey mullet, which probably entered the reed bed as fry in the same way as the bass. You can see a clip in our vimeo video library juvenile grey mullet Large numbers of grey mullet are seen congregating just inside the mouth of the winterbourne stream for a short time each year.