Moorhen 2We have been keeping a close eye on the moorhen family in the ditch. They have been spending a lot of time in this location and we have been able to watch them on and off most days, apart from when the weather has been very poor.

We are pleased to report that all four chicks appear to be fit and healthy. The moorhen chicks are still being fed by the parents, although two of the chicks have become much more independent. independent  moorhen chick

The Marsh frogs are still active in the ditches but are difficult to see because their green bodies are perfectly camouflaged amongst the pond vegetation. However, the frogs are often disturbed by the feeding moorhens making them much more visible. moorhens disturb marsh frogs

The moorhen adults continue to be protective of the chicks, such as when this mallard landing in the ditch caught the moorhen family unaware and one of the adults chased off the intruder.moorhen chases off intruder  Although we are seeing these great images, without the webcam, we would see very little of these secretive birds if we were just watching from the bank of the ditch

We have also been seeing a solitary moorhen through pond surface cam.