I thought it would help to give a rationale to the current camera positions of which pond cam has been superb lately with material floating up due to gasses being trapped under it and then sinking back to the bottom as the gas is released at the surface - a movement we don't often think about.  And we have seen plenty of  small creatures flitting back and forth such as cyclops which are near the start of the food chain.

We have been disappointed with Heart of Reeds cam and so today Paul Webster and Tim Hall changed this position and already it looks promising - it will take a few hours for the water to clear after their stirring up the mud but a big thanks to them both.

Winterbourne cam is a pretty view but little wildlife at the moment - however, as the summer warms up we are more hopeful of this camera so we are going to leave it for the moment.

Ditch cam has been disappointing because of the Azolla weed but we are hopeful that Dan the Ranger will release some live weevils into this soon - they only eat Azolla and so the hope is that they will munch their way through a feast and then die!  We are waiting for the weevils to arrive by post but will let you know when they have been released and will give more details then.

Happy watching and we may feature on BBC Springwatch in May at some point but we have no details at the moment.