We are very sorry that the sound failed for the St Barts broadcast on Friday but we will have this fixed for Monday's broadcast at 1400 by Mile Oak school.  Meanwhile, please be aware that we are going to a special broadcast for Rodmell school on Tuesday 9th June when we will read a story from Madagascar written by Dr Alison Jolly who had a special relationship with Rodmell School and who pioneered research on lemurs in Madagascar.  A whole section of the Undercroft is dedicated to the memory of Alison who was such a supporter of the Railway Land Project and if you can possibly join us at 1400 you would be very welcome.  It promises to be a special broadcast if we get all our technical stuff sorted - which I am sure we will.

PLEASE NOTE that this is just for participating schools at the moment but if the broadcast is successful, we will make it available more publicly.